The International Organizing Committee ( IOC ) promotes the participation of multiple entities and institutions that are taking the initiative by proposing diverse actions, with an impact at the local, regional, continental or global level, with activities directed to specific themes or diverse networks.

The IOC calls for entities, organizations, cities, institutions from all over the world that share the objectives of the Forum, to take the initiative to promote “self-organized” activities from their own locations.

The formats of these activities can also be plural: parallel events, training actions, working groups, video greetings, artistic or cultural activities, exchange of experiences, advocacy campaigns, articles in the Cities of Peace Magazine, sending of experiences (Cartographies of Peace) or sponsors.

The Technical Secretariat of the International Organizing Committee will collect the initiatives and will evaluate their incorporation to the general program of the Forum based on the following criteria:

● Sharing the vision and mission of the Forum: building cities and territories of peace based on the recognition of economic, social, cultural and environmental rights and the right to the city ● Contributing experiences and reflections that help to build coexistence and peace

Proposals for activities will be collected through a form available here. Once received, through a dialogue with the promoting entities, we will seek the best way to insert them in the general program of the Forum.

The Forum is committed to providing visibility on the website and social networks, inviting IOC members and partner organizations to participate in the activities, supporting the development of content, as well as providing dissemination of the results of the actions.

Once included in the programming of the Forum, each activity commits to:

● Use the Forum’s logo in its dissemination ● Keep a rigorous control of registration of participants in the activity ● Document the activity through photographic material or, if possible, video ● Send the activity report and participation data to the IOC Technical Secretariat

The activities may be integrated into one or more of the four milestones of the Forum.